Millions of people everyday search for information on the internet. They are looking for products, for educational information, and even for businesses.

No longer does someone walk into a store with little knowledge of the product or service they are looking to purchase. Today’s consumer is much more educated, thanks to the internet.

The yellow pages are becoming completely obsolete. Hardly anyone uses them, and even if they do they also research the company online before contacting them. It is much easier for someone to comparison shop these days. It is much easier for the consumer to know all the details about the product or service before they buy.

Everyone wants a good deal, but they also want to know that they are getting a quality service. If you do not have a website, then chances are your potential customers will move on to the next business.

You don’t need a flashy website to impress people. In fact, some of the most basic websites can be far more effective than an expensive flashy website. Your site needs to provide quality not quantity. No one is going to buy your product or service just because your site was “fancier.”

Someone will, however, buy your product or service because you gained their trust and provided them with information. The “edge” these days is information. If you are willing to give a little information to your potential customers before they even buy from you, then you will gain their trust and most likely their business.

So, you need a website to connect with your potential customers. The purpose of the website is to provide information to your customer and gain their trust.

Liz Martinez