First, a couple definitions …

Mobile Marketing – using SMS messages or Mobile Apps to promote your business/product

Mobile Friendly Website – a website that can be seen on a mobile phone with ease – a traditional website requires left-right scrolling, vertical scrolling, and sometimes “zooming” in order to be seen. Also, they can take a long time to load.

Now, a few statistics ….

– 90% of text messages are read within 30 minutes of receipt – this is HUGE! This means that you can almost guarantee that your text message will be read! E-mails are great and still a useful tool, but the open rate and delivery rate on e-mails is not even close to this!

– Google has announced that it will consider “mobile first” in all of it’s future endeavors

– In 2009 the number of mobile phone subscribers in the world: 4,600,000,000 … In 2009 the number of Mobile Internet Users: 505,000,000 – from

– In May 2009 over 64,000,000 US Mobile Phone users surfed the mobile internet – SEMPO Emerging Technologies Committee: Mobile Task Force

Are those statistics enough to get you to stand up and take notice? Now, let me explain how those statistics can be useful to your business…

First of all, you clearly need to have a mobile friendly site. The less a person has to scroll or zoom, the longer they are likely to stay on your site. Also, you need to understand that although mobile internet is getting faster, it is still comparable to dialup speeds – so sites with a lot of graphics and images will load very slowly – another excuse for people to leave your site.

Second, just imagine grabbing someone’s attention right at the moment they are looking for YOUR product or service!

Imagine, someone in a new city or place they aren’t familiar with and they want to find a place to eat, so they pull out their “smart phone” and search for a place … and YOUR restaurant along with your menu and a coupon shows up!!!

Imagine, someone unfamiliar with their area looking for a chiropractor because they just hurt their back, and YOUR site/business and coupon show up!!!

How much extra business do you think you would get? And then, you can have them subscribe to your text message list and you can send them coupon codes through text messaging to KEEP them as a customer and encourage referrals.

Now do you understand just how powerful mobile marketing and having a mobile friendly site can be to your business?

To Your Success,

Liz Martinez