Thanks for taking an interest in my business card and my services. You found just one of the mobile resources that your business could be using in your marketing to take advantage of the popularity of mobile phones and smart phones.

My services include website design and maintenance as well as all other aspects of maintaining your web presence such as social media marketing. I have recently taken a great interest in the mobile site of online marketing. Cell phone use is increasing at astronomical rates and it is just going to keep going. Now is the time to position your business in the right spot.

Don’t think that your business has any use for mobile marketing or a mobile friendly site? Well you’re wrong.

Just one example of the benefit of integrating mobile marketing and a mobile friendly site can be applied to ANY business – that is a mobile opt-in list.
98% of text messages are read within 30 minutes of receipt. That is phenomenal. An e-mail list is critical to your internet presence and one of the big tools to make your business successful and with an e-mail an open rate of 5% is considered great – just imagine what would happen is 98% of the messages you sent were opened and read?

I can’t wait to help your business experience huge growth thanks to mobile technology.